Friday, January 22, 2016

స్లీమన్ కథ-21: ఆరు బుట్టల్లో, ఓ బస్తాలో బంగారం తరలించాడు

ఎట్టకేలకు నిక్షేపాలను కనిపెట్టాననుకున్నాడు. టర్కుల చూపు పడకుండా వాటిని రక్షించడ మెలా అన్నది తక్షణ సమస్య. పనివాళ్లలో ఎవరూ పసిగట్టలేదు. సోఫియా అతని పక్కనే ఉంది. ఆమెవైపు తిరిగి, “నువ్వు వెంటనే వెళ్ళి ‘పైడోస్’ అని కేకపెట్టు” అని చెప్పాడు. పైడోస్ అనే ఆ గ్రీకు మాటకు సెలవుదినం అని అర్థం.


  1. Dear Bhaskaram..i like to clerify some of your logical questions that are raised by you in your saranga puragamanam series and also at the same time i have some doubts on your logical interpretations that are mentioned in some articles in this series..too.your compartive style is really good but how far ones imaginary logic prooves all these provide your e-mail or direct posting link in saranaga that i can share some outstanding and intresting things from your posts.For example topics like shrunga bhangam and ruthukaalochitham and the doubts expressed on many things i like to question you on these series in step wise maner..

    1. Thanks for the interest you have expressed on my Saranga writings. Infact, I am in midway of this series. One can have a comprehensive view only after it’s conclusion. In addition, I am busily engaged with other writings also. So, you can appreciate the practical problem of mine in sparing time to the individual communications. Any how ,my puraagamanam writings are in public domain. You can freely share your thoughts with me as well as interested Saranga readers.

    2. ok i can understand and keep my communication on saranga one by one..